Rich Bitting

Current Exhibits

My work, Water Music, is installed in the bathrooms on the lower level of the Contemporary Art Center. A map to all installations will be provided at the Weston opening. For more information check out the Aural Latrinalia Facebook Page. The works will be installed for 6 weeks.

This project is produced by local, untethered curatorial collective, NEAR*BY. For this six-site exhibition, they have brought the least likely kind of art into the least likeliest of locations: sound art in restrooms. 

Of all the rooms in public spaces, bathrooms are usually the most visually boring. Most are ceramic tiled spaces designed for utility not ambience. If one happened by chance to enter a public bathroom with eyes closed (i.e. ignoring the visual cues), one would discover an acoustically live and quite interesting ambience .Water Music, is working with the premise of switching the context of signal and noise, in effect taking audio weeds and transmuting them into sonic vegetables.

Here's a link to my Water Music #3.