Rich Bitting


Coyote Faucet has been included in the 2008 60 x 60 Midwest Mix. "Coyote Faucet" is an acousmatic sound work created using the unique soundmark of the water faucet in the third floor painting studio in the old Art Academy of Cincinnati building in Eden Park. The accompaniment uses gated audio samples of an art student painting and cleaning brushes. The 60x60 project has produced more than 20 different mixes highlighting the works of more than 1000 composers from around the world. Composers that have been included have ranged from every musical aesthetic, professional career stage, nationality, age, ethnicity, and gender. 60x60 uses a “guerrilla” style in producing and presenting itself. The project has been presented in as many different types of venues as it has in different countries around the world. 60x60 has been performed in concert halls, theater stages, night clubs, museums, art galleries, bars, store fronts, over the television, radio and Internet. The project has been mainly presented as an audio concert, but has also been presented as film, a live radio show, multimedia performance, multimedia media installation, a sound installation, and a dance performance. For more information go to: "Coyote Faucet" is included in the audio CD "Resonance of Place" available here: and on iTunes!