Rich Bitting


The 2nd Kentucky New Music Festival produced by the Central Kentucky Student Chapter of SCI at the University of Kentucky is presenting 60x60 2008 Midwest Minutes which includes Coyote Faucet If you will be in the Lexington, KY area this week (November 9-14) the University of Kentucky and the Central Kentucky Student Chapter of SCI is presenting five concerts associated with the 2nd Kentucky New Music Festival. Concert 4: 60x60 2008 Midwest Minutes Electronic Music Concert Thursday, November 13 at 6:00pm in the John Jacob Niles Gallery at the Fine Arts Library. This electronic music concert features 60 one-minute works by 60 different composers played back to back for a one-hour concert. In addition to the music playback, there will be a center screen projecting a windows media player visualization, a side screen projecting the composer's biography and program notes for each piece, and a side screen displaying a clock to help the audience keep track of when one piece ends and another begins. 60x60 (2008 / Midwest Mix) John Akins, Richard Arnest, Dwight Ashley, Elliott Bark, Richard Bitting, Jason Bolte, James Brody, Nicolas Buron, Richard Campanelli, Russell Cannon, Wei-Ling Chen, Da Jeong Choi, D. Travis Clem, Elliott Cooper Cole, John Conley, John Consiglio, Ron Coulter, Joshua L. Crowe, Lucio E Cuellar, Benjamin Dorfan, Mark Eden, Nathan Edwards, Victor Eijkhout, Mary Beth Farmer, Marji Gere, Christopher Gorman, Alejandro Guerro, Richard Hall, Joe Hasiewicz, Ted Hendry, Joel Hickman, Ben James, Lynn Job, Michael Khoury, Peter Lawless, HyeKyung Lee, Elaine Lillios, Carolyn Major, Mike McFerron, Brian McGeever, David D McIntire, Justin Merritt, David More, Jeff Morris, Robert Musikantow, Rick Nance, Jason Ouimette, Joomi Park, Grant Pittman, Paige Przybylski, Reconsiderate, Sean Richards, David Sartor, Dan Sedgwickd, Rodrigo Sigal, Balie Todd, Brian Vlasak, Chad Wallin, Garry Wickliffe, Heeyoung Yang, and Thomas Zalduendo For more information: