Rich Bitting




My new work, The Territory Beyond - (Oak Creek, Sedona), is part of a new digital album - Soundmaps For The Dreamer II. 

“For a long time now we have had sound maps which use the framework digital maps provide to tag field recordings to their exact Geo-location. At Sonospace we are taking a different approach. We are looking backwards to the paper maps of long ago. We are linking sounds and compositions from non-related audio recordings to these maps. Re-imagining the world in an artistic and completely fictional way“.

                            -    Sonospace, Harry Summer.

Following the success of ‘Soundmaps for the Dreamer’ Sonospace is pleased to announce the release of Volume number II.  Maps have always been a useful tool to navigate territory.   The digital age has gave us more chance to navigate into specific areas of our world.  Please click here to look at the wonderful portfolio of maps by Sonospace.

Sonospace is a sound archive and audio publisher which was founded in London, U.K in 2012. It is a digital resource involved with the research and documentation of field recording and sound art.