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Art Academy Fragments - With Selectable CD Cover

Art Academy Fragments (see photo in photo gallery) Nine ambient electronic audio compositions from field recordings of the Art Academy of Cincinnati's former Eden Park and Mount Adams campuses. This is a composite image of the nine audio CDR covers that comprise the work - a ghost image of the old Art Academy of Cincinnati building in the background with a 2" x 2" sonogram of the individual composition in the center. Specific CD with corresponding artwork is available by request -

Each CD is available individually and includes: A Choice of cover art in slim CD case An Audio CDR of all nine of the Art Academy Fragments. This is an open edition; copies will remain available.

CDRs are numbered left to right, top to bottom: 1. Chidlaw Ambience 4:24 2. Stairway Resonance 2:20 3. For Whom the Page Bell Rings 3:06 4. It's Not Real 2:50 5. Coyote Faucet 1:18 6. Locker Copies 2:27 7. Senefelder's Soundscape 3:18 8. Excessive Exuberance 2:00 9. Entrances and Exits 2:07

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