Rikki Santer will read "To Reconsider Melody" in Columbus Performance

To Reconsider Melody

By Rikki Santer

for Richard Bitting after “Canticle of the Redbud”



Your head inside a temple bell tiny temple

bells inside your head.  You shapeshift into

a zen galaxy of shimmering silence, then whirl

tarantella atop a sunlit spider strand swaying


with rhymes of dew drops from your garden’s

redbud tree.  Listen.  The tender fizz of heart 

leaves, the wee clicks of kinship roots deep

in the belly of your backyard ravine.  This


soundscape sonogram reminds us.  Pause

and harvest the polyphonic—erotic hymns from

fruiting fungi, the gyrating rattle and cackle 

of seed pods grown dry.  No music? All music.  


All vowels and consonants, revered and 

residing in an earthbound Song of Songs.



The above poem will be performed live by it’s author, this coming Friday, 

October 20th @ 7 PM, at the Columbus Cultural Arts Center to the accompaniment 

of Canticle of the Redbud, music by Rich Bitting.