Some Rain

Rich Bitting

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Quiet ambient soundscapes evoking acoustic memories of different rains.

During the early spring of 2016, my wife, Diane and I were spending quiet time at a friend’s cabin retreat near Black Mountain, North Carolina. Being away from the background noise of the city, we settled in to the ambience of the North Carolina mountains and gradually began to notice the subtle keynotes of our new environment. Later that week, as a low pressure weather system approached the area, I set up my audio recorder to capture a eld recording of what was to develop into a day and a half of precipitation.

While editing the recordings in my studio, I found myself favoring three speci c audio edits which I then used as source audio for this work. e movements are: 1. “An Intermittent Crisp Cold Rain” - the staccato tattoo of determined precipitation ampli ed by a downspout; 2. “A Murmuring Rain at Night” - a dream-addled memory of a quiet night rain; 3. “A Sudden Rain from a Cloudless Sky” - a tremulous event but refreshing ambiance. It is best to listen to this audio work mindfully; in a quiet place with low ambient background sound, at a moderate volume, over headphones or through good speakers.

I am grateful to my friend, Ballard Borich, a Cincinnati artist and poet, for the use of his title - “Some Rain.” His title eventually became the generative idea for this audio project.

Rich Bitting - August 2016

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